Instagram is a great social media tool to improve your brand and also drive customers to buy you products but this can only be possible if you utilize the features rightly and also target your customers. Often times many brands just handle there Instagram anyhow but this post will help you to decide how best to use your Instagram so as to improve you fashion brand.

  1. Choose a simple username for your brand: Your username is basically your image, consider it along these lines, the vast majority would rather take after the username "Mai Atafo" rather than "style_with_tayo" in light of the fact that it gives the client more fulfillment. Additionally, a great many people would preferably wear Nike apparel instead of Walmart-mark attire. This is on the grounds that individuals like partner themselves with an important brand that looks great to themselves as well as other people. Take an additional 15 minutes when you select your new username. Clearly, over 5,000,000 usernames are gone, however there are still a lot of essential names out there that are accessible.
  2. Don't buy fake followers: growing your business requires real people to buy your product yet you buy fake followers, this can only help the number of your followers but it wont increase your sales and the engagement will be poor. Give me a chance to separate this for you. fake followers won't care about your products or pictures, remark on them, or purchase things from you. One, it influences your record to look awful and it will viably bring down your engagement rate (the proportion of the preferences on your photographs to the quantity of followers you have). Two, they won't compensate for your absence of value content. the best way is to grow your Instagram page organically or better still get people help you do it on fiverr for a token.
  3. Creating original contents: As a designer or fashion retailer you need to have original content of your own, dont steal contents from big brands, they don't make your brand look professional. get photographers to do good shoot of your products so that they can look presentable and appealing to your target customers. You likewise shouldn't hurt your Instagram page by posting contents that don't fit in to your brand story. Try not to hurt yourself by posting pictures or recordings that aren't reliable with your typical picture. Individuals follow you as a result of your picture and contents. In the event that you begin posting irregular substance, individuals will unfollow you since it isn't so much that picture they at first took after.