To start your own T-Shirt business, you should gather the necessary tools and resources that you need to start your T-shirt business. Some of the things you will need include-:

  • A business plan-: Who says you do not need a business plan to start your home-based T-shirt business? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a professionally written business plan. It can just be something written by you to help you map out your business strategy and future plans for your business. Most likely, you would want to expand your business eventually. Writing a business plan would help you to outline how you intend to achieve this.
  • Sketch unique designs-: Originality is important in this business. You don’t want to keep churning out old or copied designs. You should try to sketch new T-shirt designs that would be unique and attractive to your clients.
  • Gather necessary equipment-: You would need some equipment to start your T-shirt business such as printing materials which you can either buy or sub-contract the printing aspect to someone else if you cannot afford the necessary equipment yet.
  • Marketing materials-: You would also need marketing materials to promote your business like hand bills, business cards, nice photo shoot and free T-shirts.