Regardless of where you're based, great advertising abilities and a strong special arrangement are basic to building a vocation as a fashion photographer. Here are a couple key strides to advertising your work as a fashion photographer:

1. Build a Niche
All the photographers we talked to stressed that some of the most successful fashion photographers are the ones with a strong voice and unique style. The best way to develop that voice is to shoot as much as you can. This usually means shooting for free at first to hone your style, build technical skills and amass up a portfolio of work to show potential clients.
If you’re a young photographer with no published work, offer to take test shots of models for a local modelling agency, then use a portion of the shoot to take some shots you’d like to have in your portfolio. If you’d like to break into another city, offer to shoot tests for modelling agencies there. Find a young designer who is willing to trade photos for clothing, or produce your own shoots with friends, suggests Tomovic. “Most of those times you won’t get paid and will actually spend money and never make this money back, but the reality is that, like any artist, you need to invest in your art and be creative and show other people what you can do,photograhers" he says

2. Take to the Web
Once you have a body of work you’re proud of, it’s important to build an Internet presence that shows your best work. There are many ways to do this, from a traditional website to a blog to social media, and all can be effective, but Pryce recommends focusing on a few channels more heavily that fit your work. If you shoot a lot of live fashion week events, Twitter could be a great way to get noticed. If you have an ongoing project with a narrow focus, a blog might be for you.
If there is one cphotographers can’t ignore today, it is Instagram. “There are Instagram bloggers that are Instagram-famous and have a million followers and they don't even have a stand-alone blog or website,” says Pryce. Tumblr is also popular with photographers and clients; for New York photographer Josh Wool, a Tumblr blog is what got him noticed by PDN editors, who named him one of 30 new and emerging photographers to watch in 2014.

3. Direct Mail and Email
Despite the explosion of social media, traditional direct mail, email marketing and even cold calling can still be effective ways to get on the radar of potential clients. You can assemble your own list of art directors and creative buyers by researching online or at the newsstand, or sign up for a service like Agency Access, which gives access to a high-quality database. Wool sends a regular email blast to potential clients and follows up with a personal email requesting to set up a meeting. “I generally find that if I can get in front of somebody, I have really positive results,” he says.“You need to have persistence, says Tomovic. “You'll be
sending your work to a magazine or potential clients and you won't hear back from a majority of them for a long time. But once you batten that door down enough, they will come.”

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