Loving the concept of fashion and wanting to be a part of it but ain’t got the talent or skill to be a clothier. What can I do? The answer is not farfetched. You can always be a model. Now the question to be asked is who is a model? A model{from Middle French modelle} is a person with a role either to promote, display, or advertise commercial products{notably fashion clothing} or to serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.
A lot of people want to be models because they find it glamourous and lucrative. They just want to be recognised in the modelling industry without really having the passion for it. Modelling is a very competitive choice of career, and the industry is filled with rejections, but successful models spend their time doing what they love. A lot of people make mistakes thinking that because they are tall, beautiful, and hot they could pass off as a model. It goes beyond that. First of all, you must be passionate about it when picking it as a choice of career. You must be healthy inside and you must also maintain your appearance.
Most people think that modelling is just about posing for pictures and just being tall. They basically think that all tall persons must be a model. Truthfully, anybody can be a model, but you have to meet up with the standards set. Modelling varies catering for all types and sizes of people aspiring. There are the plus sized models consisting of people with a full and curvaceous body. There is also runway modelling which criteria includes 5’8 for ladies and 5’11 or 6’2 for guys in terms of height. The women used are usually small breasted. There is also print modelling. Most female models used in this type of modelling are at least 5’7, but a beautiful face with the great personality are the most important feature for print models. We also have underwear modelling. For women, this requires large breast but small hips while for men, it requires broad shoulders but slim waists.
Over time its been erroneously said that models are wayward and up to no good. Some people outrightly call them escorts and due to this most parents do not allow their wards pick modelling as a choice of career. I’m charged to correct these notions because they are basically not true. Models are like every other person pursuing a professional career. They go through rigorous training and rejections which either makes or mar their future. They are decent people trying to etch a living for themselves doing what they love. They have no power over what they model, the designer does. I don’t know why you people condemn them but you still buy the clothes they model. We are just good at criticising them and not the designer they model for, after all, they make the clothes. Because of our thoughts about them, we tend to treat them with a lack of respect. How come you don’t have issues with seeing the costume on a mannequin but you throw a tantrum when they are modelled by humans. I guess we should just try to understand and accommodate them because they are just trying to make a life for themselves doing what they love just like we all do.