The products that you use on your hair matter. Certain chemicals dry hair out, make it more likely to break, clog up pores or simply do more harm than good to your hair, ensure that products you use do not contain any of the following:
PABA or DEA (paraaminobenzoicacid and Diethanolamine)
Petrolatum and mineral oils
Propylene Glycol
Sulfates: sodium or ammonium laurethor lauryl sulfate(SLS/ALS)

Read the label, you will find that some products that are marketed as being natural contain some of these harsh chemicals so it's always best to check before paying.I regretted paying A LOT of money for some Mixed Chicks products only to find that a couple of them contain too much of the must-avoid ingredients! And importantly, they didn’t work well on my hair.
Caveat emptor ~ buyer beware!