Seeing pregnant women around and wondering if it's a trend to always look shabby or is it a norm? To be factual, their look doesn't encourage me or youths out there to follow suit. It seems they lose their sense of fashion and trend the moment they hit their third trimester. I often see pregnant women just tie wrappers and wear nothing other than loose tops and faded skirts. Some people even have it ingrained in them to always wear "iro and buba"(wrapper and blouse), the moment they find out they are pregnant. To them, it shows responsibility and maturity. They feel no need to be classy or trendy in their mode of dressing. You often see their breasts dangling about with every movement they make. There is a need to style them irrespective of their trimester.

Medically, it's advised for them to free themselves with what they wear, so styling pregnant women would involve lots of loose clothes with style. Avoid tops that are too billowy and tent-like, as well. Look for ones that flow gracefully over the extra pounds beneath while still having a bit of shape. Tunics are a great choice. While fitted across the shoulders and arms, a tunic flows gracefully across the middle, disguising extra weight.

An exception to the anti-cling rule: tank tops and other garments with built-in shaping panels, which can help smooth out the sudden pooch or contain your growing breasts. Top these tanks with a body-skimming top or cardigan made of a smooth jersey fabric. Stock up on layering tanks. Wear them under tops that no longer button all the way. Throw one or two on under an oversize cardigan or blazer. Also, wear lots of flowery flowing dresses that fits your colour and person. I would not advise tight jean trousers, majorly pencil jeans. It makes the woman uncomfortable and leaves marks around the baby bump and it's ain't trendy or classy. Always wear gown tops and not shirts that would reveal your baby bump. Pregnant women should also learn to wear clothes that can be easily taken off for comfortability.

With these tips, I'm sure pregnant women can slay and still be super comfy in their choice of clothes and mode of dressing.