Photography is a driving force in the fashion industry. Designers, editors and brands rely on photographers to come up with exciting ways to present new collections so they can share the latest looks with the the world, whether it’s from the runway, in a catalog, on a magazine cover, or even through blogs and social media.

Fashion photography is as much about selling a lifestyle as it is selling a piece of clothing, so there’s a lot of room to let your creative side loose. If you’ve “made it”, it can be a glamorous, fast-paced way to make a living complete with travel to exotic locations and celebrity elbow-brushing. But it’s also a highly competitive industry concentrated in a few select cities, so those who want to make it to the top—or even just survive—must be tough and prepared to work hard to succeed.

Even though fashion photography seems like a niche already, some of the most successful fashion photographers are the ones whose work focuses even tighter on one aspect of the industry or a certain style of photography.
Whether you focus on street style, a certain type of clothing (think menswear, swimsuits or accessories), or a type of subject (real people models, children or celebrities), narrowing your focus will help you define a style, strengthen your skills and become the go-to photographer in your chosen area.

To be continued...